Introduction The Magic Numbers in Forex

Forex Trading strategy for beginner that really work in a simple word

In the begging of my trading journey in Forex I lost many money. but I could see many people that are profitable in Forex. Some times, I told to myself that this market is completely base on luck, and I was very frustrated but  I did not give up.

I start to Read many books and watched many movies to find out why market moves and how it reacted to all fundamental news and technical analyzing .but still my stop lost hit and I wasn’t satisfy .

So I decided to think differently and tried to start from beginning. I started look at the price movements instead of try to us help of indicators to predicts next movements. I was sure that there should be very easy way ,that is hidden from eyes of most of the trader , and as you know most of the trader are loss the game. Finally I found one of the way and In the following I am going to share it with you but before that you should have some Basic knowledge. I already share it with some of my close friends and relative and they are exciting too

I read some where that ,Only about 5% of traders have clear ,Specific ,written trading systems and strategy & plans that they follow each day. The other 95% have Hopes, Dreams, Wishes, and fantasies , but not qualify trading system and strategy .And the great tragedy is that they don’t know their result are doomed.

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