The characteristics of a good trading strategy in Forex Market

A good trading strategy at least should have the following features

  1. Give you the exact entering point
  2. Give you the exact stop loss point
  3. Give you exact take profit point
  4. tell you how much money you should put in the trade by money management base on your balance.
  5. Clear risk to reward ratio
  6. May give you more profit chance
  7. Do not let you enter the market, until time is coming
  8. Get off your emotions and prevent you from entering emotional positions

In my opinion, a good strategy should accurately show you the point of entry or exit on the market, based on the pip. In this strategy, you can get better and more precise entry and exit points with the help of the indicators in the advanced section. In the meanwhile, you can reduce the likelihood of entering a risky deal.

Many strategies do not give you the exact point of entry and exit. While in this strategy you have to place your order at a certain point in the market, and the place of profit is exactly on the basis of the strategy and number associated with that currency pair. You will find out soon what I mean.

Please be careful. In the primary part we only work on the EURUSD currency pair and the numbers given are for this pair only. Please do not use these numbers for other currency pairs. In advanced and professional sections, I will teach you how to get these numbers for other currencies.

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